People with a disability are equally important as anyone else especially when it comes to exercising their rights through action. Since action screams louder than words, I think it is really important for people without a disability to demonstrate support to people with a disability. People with a disability need to have some support to have their voices heard. For example, they need a group of people who will support them while advocating for bully prevention and basic human rights through action. People with a disability still experience exclusion from friendships and partnerships with people without a disability in their community and in society. People with a disability need to be and feel included and accepted for who they are as a person. There are still misunderstandings toward people with a disability. For example, there are still inaccessible environments and resources that don’t support people with a disability which leaves them vulnerable for all sorts of discrimination. These misunderstandings often go unresolved. I would like to point out that there is more awareness about how people with a disability function in everyday life now than there was before. However, I still think we have more work to improve on. There also needs to be more accessible environments, programs, and resources available that can provide support specifically to people with a disability while educating the public in general. People with a disability may need support and encouragement to make their own decisions and fully participate in society to become independent. As a result, they will feel and be empowered to advocate for themselves and for others by giving them a voice and educating anyone else about these issues. This is why people with a disability deserve to be treated equally with proper respect and to be included through actions. When given the right support, opportunity, and encouragement, people with a disability can advocate for equal rights and equal treatment in action. Check out my article: Understanding Differences and Equal Disability Rights