Whenever I see a movie with a disabled person advertised as a main character, I am always skeptical about seeing it. Because I have family and friends with physical disabilities, I am often nervous to see how they are going to be depicted in movies or T.V. Seeing Black Panther this year was so refreshing to me because it was a super hero movie revolving around black people, yet the movie was not solely focused on the fact that they were black. I am waiting for a movie starring people with disabilities where they just happen to be in a wheel chair, not a whole story line focused on the disability. That isn’t how people with disabilities view themselves on a daily basis. For these reasons, I did not go see the movie “Me Before You.”

Reading the plot online and specifically this critique of it (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/me-before-you-storyline-sparks-899779), I came across the hashtag used by the disability community in response to this movie. The basic plot line involves a quadriplegic man who also happens to be insanely wealthy and have around the clock care and a beautiful and loving care taker/girlfriend (that relationship is a whole different story) who opts for physician assisted suicide (even though his disability isn’t progressing/going to get worse). The main message to people in wheelchairs comes across as such: you can have all the finer things in life, all the wealth in the world, the hottest girlfriend in love with you, but if you’re in a wheel chair maybe physician assisted death is a good option. By the way, neither the writer, director, producer, nor actor is a person with a physical disability. #MeBeforeEuthanasia