The World’s Largest Classroom!

This past summer, I had the privilege to visit Australia with students currently in the teacher preparation program at the University of Illinois. We had the opportunity to visit various school districts and learn about the school system in Australia. Specifically, I...

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What My Son’s Autism Has Taught Me

Twelve years ago, I gave birth to my youngest child, Richard. He was a beautiful, bright-eyed baby who smiled and cooed at everyone he met. Anywhere we went, people would come up to us to remark how handsome he was with his mischievous smile. Richard was right on...

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The Price Tag

The second surgery, the stroke, the second angiogram, the ICU stay. I think all of that was maybe $300,000 more. I honestly have no idea how much money has been spent on keeping me alive.

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Confusion in the Midst of a Storm

A few weeks ago, I attended a church service that was comparable to nearly any other Sunday service I have attended; however, this particular day I was fortunate enough to be able to recognize the way that misinformation can be manifest and spread within a community setting.

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The Overuse of the Word Empower

The disability rights movement quite famously took up the phrase “nothing about us without us” as part of an effort to increase representation and participation of people with disabilities with a particular focus on policy and services.

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