Are There More Opportunities for Entrepreneurship for People with Disabilities?

In the video, “Down syndrome entrepreneur sews successful six figure sock empire” (available at we get to see the “success” story of an individual with disabilities making it within the employment industry. Not only has John successfully started a business, but he has created an entire company that offers employment opportunities for other individuals with disabilities. Though this is a happy story, it begs the question of how often the employment industry is open to working with individuals with disabilities? In addition, how often do those individuals get to work within the entrepreneur status?

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Celebrating Disability History through Museum Representation

There is only one museum in the country dedicated to the history of people with disabilities. Located in Buffalo, New York, the Museum of DisABILITY History offers a variety of permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibits, from “The Evolution of Adaptive Equipment” to “Self Advocacy: A History of People Speaking Up for Themselves.”

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Skip the Referral—Come to PT!

As of August 2018, physical therapy services in Illinois are available without the referral of a doctor. This is called direct access. What exactly does this mean? In the past, and still in some states, you would have to first make an appointment with your doctor who would then decide to send you to physical therapy.

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Equal Disability and Advocacy Rights in Action

People with a disability are equally important as anyone else especially when it comes to exercising their rights through action. Since action screams louder than words, I think it is really important for people without a disability to demonstrate support to people with a disability.

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Me Before Euthanasia?

Whenever I see a movie with a disabled person advertised as a main character, I am always skeptical about seeing it. Because I have family and friends with physical disabilities, I am often nervous to see how they are going to be depicted in movies or T.V.

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