A Sister

About 3 years ago, I was reading an article posted on The Mighty’s website about a letter written from a mother to her daughter. The mother had a son with disabilities, and a typically developing daughter, and she wrote to the daughter about how she saw what good care the girl took of her brother. Having a brother with intellectual and developmentally disabilities myself, I really connected with the letter.

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This is why I Love doing Research

In High School, Biology and Biochemistry were always two of my favorite classes. I found so much joy in conducting experiments, documenting outcomes and discussing results. Thus, it is not too surprising that I decided to pursue a degree in a science, Nutritional Sciences.

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Communication Is Key

Before entering Physical Therapy (PT) school, I had the opportunity of participating in multidisciplinary teams in a hospital-based setting. I would attend team meetings with the therapist I was shadowing twice a week.

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Gotta Chat? Call 711!

Have you ever wondered how someone who has difficulty speaking communicates via phone? For example, what if someone who’s had a stroke and has aphasia needs to phone their doctor’s office to reschedule an appointment, or a person using a communication device needs to call a hotel to make a reservation?

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The World’s Largest Classroom!

This past summer, I had the privilege to visit Australia with students currently in the teacher preparation program at the University of Illinois. We had the opportunity to visit various school districts and learn about the school system in Australia.

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